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Welcome to the world of Rachel Allan. Destination to the biggest dress powerhouse out there. We are so excited you are here and we can't wait to watch you strut your stuff wearing one of our own. We have passionately hand crafted each and every style hoping that when you find your 'it' dress, your confidence explodes. See, that's the beauty of fashion. Wear it. Love it. Authenticity is power - so don't settle. Find the dress you love most. Search through our endless collections to find the dress of your dreams. Whether it be Prom or Curves, you're guaranteed to rock your Prom with all the tenacity in the world. Our award winning Prima Donna and Perfect Angels collection will push you to be fearless on stage. No matter your event, wearing our Couture collection will turn heads as you step foot on that red carpet entrance. We strive to provide a dress for each and every single one of you. Let this space be your soft place to fall. Walk away feeling vibrant with poise and sophistication and never look back.

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